Free 30 Day Online Challenge: Starting March

Attention: Men Over 30 Who Want To Get, Keep & Maintain Wood Control So You Can Get Your Confidence & Bedroom Performance Up Without Relying On A Pill

During This Challenge, Men's Performance Coach Brian "Uncle B" Ayers Will Share His "Wood On Demand System" For Full Control & Consistently

Limited Space Is Available for This Free Challenge

The Secret To Getting Wood On Demand...

How To Move Up The Men's Performance Scale

Are you stuck trying to figure out why your wood will come and go?  Do you worry that your wood will not come back again?  The secret to removing those issues for life is perfecting your patterns.

What you do day in and day out has the biggest effect on your wood.  Even if you take medication (which can cause more problems) you still haven't dealt with your patterns.

After this challenge you will leave with a personal wood on demand plan.  This plan will fit your lifestyle, age, health issues and more.

Plus you will know exactly which foods, supplements, tools and  techniques you need to move up the men's performance scale faster than anything else available.

What Comes With This Free Challenge?

Everything You Need To Beat ED & Wood Issues

Access To GoodWood University (FREE)

($199/month VALUE)

GoodWood U is an online community  & safe space for like minded men who are working to overcome erectile dysfunction, unreliable erections, and have higher bedroom performance.  

It contains coaching videosa sexual performance assessment quiz, meal plans, supplement reviews and products all aimed at making you better ASAP.

Exponential Energy:
Wood On Demand
Training System (FREE)

($699 VALUE)

Use the same plan that has helped hundreds of men figure out the daily patterns that have held them back from sexual health and how to fix those patterns in 30 days so it does not come back.

The Wood On Demand 
Challenge Workbook (FREE)

($99 VALUE)

This quick start guide and training gives you the keys to get off to a fast start so you can super charge your results and have the confidence that comes with being able to get up when you want to

Weekly Prizes

($299 VALUE)

To get the most out of the challenge you need to be engaged with the other members of the challenge by posting pictures and videos of your meals, workouts and successes.

This is the best way to make your new lifestyle stick and we want to celebrate that with you by giving out prizes weekly.  Prizes range from GoodWood coffee mugs & t-shirts, free supplements and more!


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