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After 25 years of helping men of overcome weak erections, ED, pre-mature ejaculation, low stamina, erections that leave during sex, and more, you learn alot.

We know the frustration of not being in control of your erections and how that effects relationships.  We have also helped thousands of men get back to spontaneous, on-demand and morning erections.

When you combine the right supplements with systems focused on erections and the support of coaching, reaching your goals are inevitable.

GoodWood University was created to show men how to never have  erections issues again...for the rest of their lives.

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In less than 5 minutes you will know what your Sexual Performance Score is and what that means for your next steps.

We recommend which herbal supplement will work for your situation based on your score.

Get the information, systems and encouragement to supplement the supplement. 

The Answers You Have Been Looking For

The reason why you have erection issues is because of the daily, weekly and monthly patterns/habits.  After 25 years of study, we know how to check your patterns and reverse engineer them so you can get back to erections on demand.

The combination of supplements, systems and coaching will set you up to resove the issues faster with a lifestyle you can use to make sure you never have those issues again.

Liquid Performance Fuels

Supplements Designed For Better Performance

Our liquid formulas don't just give you stronger erections, they also heal the two main reasons why you have erection issues... testosterone and blood flow.  

Our signature formulas, GoodWood and GoodWood Advanced are a combination of over 8 herbs that work together to heal several issues.  This is what makes these formulas powerful but not overwhelming.


Overcome ED or Weak Erections Faster With A Personalized Strategy & Daily Guidance

Get Results By Conquering Your Biggest Challenge... Consistency

The Next Level Of Coaching

Hit your goals faster than you thought possible when you work with a trained GoodWood Performance coach. Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.

Our coaches have a process for identifying your challenges that they'll walk through with you for the month to ensure you're set to continue growing even after your time with your coach ends.

Accountability combined with your personalized plan to make small and sustainable changes over time will be life-changing. You will have energy like never before and your self-confidence will be soaring.

We specialize in helping men overcome ED, performance anxiety, and more, using Exponential Energy strategies. 

Everything You Need To Succeed With
Live Coaching, Course, Challenges and More

Get 25 Years Of Research Without Wasting Time Figuring Out What Works By Yourself

What You Get In GoodWood University

  • Join in on live coaching calls to get your questions answered

  • Challenge yourself with support in our 30 day challenges

  • Use our exclusive Men's Performance Scale to set your health baseline

  • Get a consultation with a professional coach to get recommendations and a blueprint for success

  • Use the Exponential Energy System to track your daily progress

  • Get encouragement from coaches and like minded men

  • Access a 100+ video library with all things men's sexual health

  • Get discounts on supplements and private coaching

*According to research by the Dominican University of California


"Keep it coming,  I have been procrastinating for a while. Although I have been a vegetarian and went back then back again.  Now on the vegan trail. Thank for your time and effort for this information."

William Mcclamb

Keep It Coming

"Every single video of yours that I 've watched of yours, I've learned something. Now it makes sense why I have ED. Thank you so much for the information."

Louis Short

I've Learned Something

I've been following you for the last year and I've been listening to everything that you're saying when it comes to man's sexual performance and  I appreciate your information because you're very knowledgeable and you know your stuff

Rapheal Hardwick

You Know Your Stuff

"I appreciate your knowledge & TRUTH,(I'm 52 will be 53 in July married 22 yrs & been together 33 yrs, Thank god.. I trusts in you & what you say ,always …"


Knowledge & TRUTH

"Good afternoon, Uncle B.  I enjoy your videos and all your insight. Thank you for being a place a man can freely speak of ED. God Bless."


Freely speak of ED

"Been following u for some months now. Keep up the great job uncle B.  Thanks for the tips. Started working out again, but slowly. Lost 3kg."

Pete Snow

Started Working Out Again

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