How To Be A Better Lover In 3 Days Or Less

This easy to read, hands on, real life, "Here is how to do it" tour of what separates regular men from sexual athletes shows you how to have measurably better sex in 3 days.
  • Why is sex so much better in the morning?
  • Why was I hard all day yesterday and not today?
  • How can I have sex all night long?
  • How can I get to my largest size possible?
This book is the result of over 15 years of research on practical techniques that have been proven to work and can be used right now.

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"I would like to say that I enjoyed your livestream last night. I enjoy watching your videos and I always learn a lot from them, and it makes sense. Because of your enthusiasm and motivation, I have changed my diet to a more plant-based diet."

David Hutchinson

"I really enjoy watching your videos & it makes sense"

"Thanks, Uncle B, you help me out a lot being a vegan for 3 months now and it helps my love life big time... Man thanks for breaking it down ‘til it can’t be broken anymore."

Terrance Green

"Man thanks for breaking it down ‘til it can’t be broken anymore."

"When Uncle B talks, you better listen. I can't tell you enough how much this man's advice has helped me. He is FOR REAL guys! I'm SO glad I never got to try some of these fixes... I am slowly getting my mojo back."

Raphael Hardwick

"When Uncle B talks, you better listen...He is FOR REAL guys!"